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24th May 2016 Slough House Farm

14 fished with a total weight of 111lbs 13ozs 8dms


1st   Jack Morley            23lbs 12ozs             30pts

2nd Brian Webber         20lbs 12ozs 8dms   29pts

3rd Richard Seabright  18lbs 13ozs              28pts

4th John Christensen   7lbs   11ozs 8dms    27pts

5th Dave Auston           7lbs   7ozs                26pts

6th Les Drury                6lbs   2ozs 8dms     25pts

7th Vic Dadd                 5lbs 14ozs 8dms     24pts

8th Don Carter             5lbs 2ozs 8dms       23pts

9th Alan Knight            5lbs 2ozs                 22pts

10th Bill Woollcott        4lbs                         21pts

11th Dereck Frost         3lbs 5ozs                20pts

12th Alan Beard            2lbs 10ozs 8dms    19pts

13th Keith Leverett       1lb                           18pts


Carp of 21lbs 4ozs 8dms and 18lbs. Several tench to 4lbs 14ozs

Ide to 2lbs Bream to 3lbs and plenty of skimmers.