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Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Freespin Reel 65

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Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Freespin Reel 65    


The Exorcist Reel from Wychwood is a dedicated distance caster for the angler who enjoys tackling the larger venues, both in the UK and abroad. Wychwood is confident in the Exorcist’s ability to out-cast much larger reels, and this reel offers the ability to cast remarkable distances in a compact outfit. If you’re someone who wants the performance of a traditional big pit carp reel without any of the bulk then this is the ideal reel for you.

The small size of this reel means that it is incredibly lightweight and it features a compact aluminium body, so it balances on any high-performance carp rod with ease. Its size also ensures that this reel is compact to store and transport and if you’re somebody who has never owned a big pit reel before then this is the perfect transition. Not only is it lighter in weight than a traditional big pit but it should also be able to fit into most rod holdalls and sleeves – saving you the cost of upgrading to larger luggage (please check dimensions prior to purchase).

One of the most impressive features of the Wychwood Exorcist Reel is its spectacular line lay. This is one of the areas of the reel that really sets it apart from other compact reels, as it is this line lay which helps to ensure that you can enjoy the kind of distance that you demand when you’re casting with a traditional big pit. In fact, the smaller spool dimension (compared to other big pit reels) ensures that the Exorcist can offer an incredibly smooth casting performance. It also significantly reduces the risk of tangles, wrap-arounds, and other issues which used to plague the performance of traditional big pit reels. These problems are a thing of the past with the Exorcist. Tournament line clips on the aluminium spool ensure that you’re able to cast with accuracy time after time, too.

The reel’s smooth performance is aided by its 11 ball bearings and this reel practically floats whilst in use. The ball bearings also ensure that you never have to compromise on your reel performance and this is one durable bit of kit. An enlarged main shaft guarantees that the Exorcist has outstanding cranking power and gives you optimum control over your catch. This means that you can pull in a large carp from a great distance with ease and playing fish is a joy with the Wychwood Exorcist Reel. The large handle on the reel helps you to achieve full cranking power with ease – and its sleek wooden finish gives the reel a classy appearance too.

The reel is also fitted with micro pinch front drag and free rear spin adjustment – offering truly breath-taking performance capabilities. The combination of these two systems ensures that you have total control over any catch – big or small – and it offers precision and versatility in all scenarios. Instant anti-reverse technology is fitted as standard across the Exorcist range, ensuring that you’re never battling with your own reel as well as your carp when you’re tackling a potential personal best capture.


  • Reduced body size
  • Casting optimised aluminium spool
  • Perfect line lay
  • Reduced inertia front drag
  • Micro-adjustable freespin
  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Over-sized main shaft
  • 11 ball bearing
  • Over-sized line roller
  • Machined aluminium handle
  • Line-friendly spool-clip
  • 320m 315lb
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