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Urban Baits.

Every angler needs to use whatever possible to gain the all-important edge. By using Urban Bait’s boilies, pellets, additives, and hookbait, you can be sure you are going to return delighted from your fishing trips every time.

Our goal is to supply you with the best baits and excellent customer service. Once you try our products, we are confident you will return to us for more!


Boilies are boiled fishing bait, often combinations of fishmeal, milk proteins, poultry food, grit, and soy flour, mixed with eggs as a binder, and then boiled to form hard-round baits that will last in the water. Additional flavourings and attractors are also generally included in the mixture.

Carp fishing boilies are cylindrical, or ball shaped. The round shape allows the bait to be precisely catapulted when fishing. They are a fairly large bait with a hard outer skin that smaller species, such as tench and bream, are less likely to eat.

Boiled baits stay in the water longer without the likelihood of them falling off the hook, as with bread or other traditional baits. Although boilies are usually manufactured and sold by large suppliers, you can choose to make your unique homemade boilies.


There are floating boilies, commonly known as pop-ups, used to make buoyant bait that sits above the lakebed, making it easier for fish to find and take it.

Anglers can use pop-ups in various situations; where weeds or silts are present on a lakebed or with a standard boilie to create a 'snowman' rig. The pop-up is generally smaller than the regular boilie; which creates a "critically balanced bait", or neutral buoyancy, which makes it easier for fish to bite.

Also available - Glug - Stick Mix -6m Carp Pellets - Hardened Hookbait.

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