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Korda Krank Hooks

This pattern is the brainchild of Tom Dove, who was looking to design a pattern of hook that had the aggressive sweeping shank of the Kurv Shank, with an enormous gape for maximum purchase and hooking potential. Throw in an offset point too and you have the Krank, a hook that's such a good hooker it's best used with a simple knotless knot setup!

Tom had simple setups like his own 'muzza' in mind when he began the development process, but the end product is a much more versatile beast that ensures that not only will you hook more fish, but you'll land more too!

Here's a rundown of the key features...

- Super-sharp, beaked point.
- In-turned eye.

Elliott Gray - “I used the early samples of the Krank during a trip to Gigantica Road Lake, about 18 months ago, and I was genuinely impressed by them. Although the pattern doesn’t suit my usual bottom bait presentation quite like the Wide Gape does, for the rigs I was using in France, it was ideal. I wanted to achieve as many takes as possible and therefore opted for a simple knotless knot arrangement – no rig ring, tubing etc like normal. Tom had explained how the hook was perfect for the knotless knot angler and that he wanted them testing, so I happily obliged. The rules at Gigantica enforce a strict barbless rule and if anything would put this hook to the test it would be the lack of barb. If the Krank really was a good hook then I would experience few losses. To cut a long story short, I had around 20 bites during my trip and landed all bar one of them, which was unfortunately down to my main line parting. I never had a single hook pull all week, which for a knotless knot presentation is pretty rare, in my opinion.”

Neil Spooner – “I have used the Krank pretty consistently in my fishing for about eight months now, much of which has been with the Krank Choddy. This pattern will be released later on in the year but is very similar to the Krank itself, with only the eye differing. For a long time I used the standard Choddy and this rarely let me down. The thing I have noticed with the Krank is that the hook holds are slightly deeper – it seems like because of the large gape, the hook is penetrating a little faster. Although this is only a small difference, it is the smallest of things that make the biggest difference at times. One thing that I can be certain about is that the Krank is certainly a hook I will be using for many years to come.”

Jake Wildbore – “I first started to use the Krank hooks last autumn. The second I laid eyes on them, I knew that this pattern of hook that was right up my street and I couldn’t wait to use them. It’s a hook that can be used in so many different situations. With its offset and beaked point, the hook doesn’t need any form of shrink tubing, rig rings or any other bits of clutter accompanying it. The hooks shape will always want to turn and catch hold, every single time. With a hook that is working so hard for you, of its own accord, a simple 9-turn knotless knot is all that you need. I have used this hook with very simple rigs and the results that I have had, have been solid and reliable.”

The testing of an item is a massive part of the development, and in reality, it completely dictates the future of that said product. There are plenty of ideas that sound great to begin with, or look good in their first stages of development, but don’t actually make it to the shelves. Fortunately, the Krank isn’t one of those products. After years of testing and tweaks toward perfection, the Krank hook was born, and is now sitting in a pack for everyone to buy.

Team Korda

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