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Korda Goo

After a long time in development and alot of press before their release the New Korda GOO is finally available!

Pineapple Supreme Smoke

Pineapple Supreme Bait Smoke Goo. Add a small amount to water when you prepare your Stick or Bag mixes to give a slow leakage of flavour and colour. Pre-Soak your own hook baits, boiles, wafters, popup, zig foam, plastic corn, peeled tigers or particles in this fruity combination. Will improve any fruit flavour and add leakage of the unique colour attractant.

For best results use while still wet. If left to fully absorb, re-cover your popup with Pineapple Smoke and leave to dry to increase smoke attraction. Top Tip- Best results for big fish use with peeled tigers on the hair, soak for about 5 minutes before you cast it out. You have not fished a pineapple like this before.

Pineapple Power Smoke

Pineapple Power Smoke Goo. Flagship product, a must use in coloured waters. Ground breaking in many ways. Roll your boilies or pellets in this and leave them out to dry before feeding as hook baits, or solid bagging the pellets. The flavour travels with the colour through the water. Top Tip- Glug your funnel web stick or apply directly to the outside of your solid bag, prior to casting out. Colour, flavour and results come together with this product.

Raspberry Plume Smoke

Raspberry Plume Bait Smoke Goo. Something that can dominate, excellent for almost all conditions. Dark red in colour and the perfect for pre soaking your boiles or particles for a couple of hours prior to feeding. Don’t be shy with this one. Top Tip- Definitely a clear water favourite and works well with corn twist to deposit colour and flavour as it hits the surface all the way to the lake bottom.

Corn Twist Bait Smoke

Corn Twist Bait Smoke Goo. Colour and smell meets once again. Excellent PVA glugging and adding directly into stick mixes. Use with sweet corn for great results by adding a couple of squeezes into the can and leaving to stand overnight, before adding to your spod mix and using on the hook. Combine 80/20 with our smokes or Raspberry plume to your sticks prior to casting. Top Tip- Mix together 50/50 with pineapple supreme to create another unique smoke.

Perfect Peach Power Smoke

Perfect Peach Power Smoke Goo, Simply amazing. Soak your pop-ups or bottom baits in this for great results. Use with crushed boilies in a solid PVA bag or apply on funnel web mesh bag with a soaked boilie or particle hook bait. Top Tip – Add a decent squeeze directly into your spod as you fill, then use over Zigs for the most effective flavoured cloud you have ever seen. Also add a little to your zig hook bait for even greater pulling power.

Tutti Frutti Power Smoke

Tutti Frutti Power Smoke Goo. Soak plain or Tutti Frutti baits into this. Also use as dip on PVA bags and sticks. Combine with any of our other products for enhanced results and use directly to cover your own hook bait as you glug your bag. This will change your perception about tutti fruitti forever. Top Tip- Cover your own pop ups with any Smoke and either leave to dry overnight or use straight out of the bottle to increase smoke and flavour attraction.

Squid Supreme Bait Smoke.

Both the intense pink squid versions were brilliant in field testing. This is the thin version, which is perfect for soaking your hook baits in, as it easily cuts into the hardest of baits, penetrating right to the middle. Once the Supreme has soaked in, turning the baits a bright pink colour, then you can coat the baits with the thicker Spicy Squid Power Smoke, which can then be dried onto the surface of the baits, giving you attraction in several dimensions.


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