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DT Baits N Blend.


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DT Baits    N-Blend

Shelf Life Boiles 15mm and 18mm   1KG

DT Baits Boilies are made from the very best ingredients to ensure that carp find them irresistible!

Blended to milligram accuracy, all of our boilies are produced in our own factory here in the UK so that we are better able to control the production process, improving the end result.

Since the company’s beginnings back in 1988, boilies and boilie fishing have evolved a great deal and during this time, numerous boilie manufacturers have come and gone. At DT Baits, we have always focused on quality and believe that it is this that has set us apart and continues to do so today.

Floater Pack

DT baits floater packs have been put together so you have everything needed in one bait box ready for surface fishing. Ideal to keep in your car ready should the fish start feeding on the surface.


Wafters  15m

Critically balanced, DT Baits matched wafters have been developed to offer near-neutral bouyancy and are the perfect combination of a boilie and a pop up. Ideal for fishing clear spots over gravel or light silt, our wafters counter-balance the weight of the hook allowing the hookbait to behave in a manner which more closely resembles a free offering. Slower sinking for improved presentation, our wafters can be fished as singles or over a bed of boilies where they become very difficult for the carp to recognise and avoid.


Boosted Hook Baits  18mm    15mm

DT Baits boosted hookbaits are made using the same quality ingredients used in our boilies and have been boosted by a process of pre-soaking in a matched glug and additional feed inducing attractors to increase and prolong flavour leakage.

Soaked for a lengthy period of time to ensure each hookbait draws additional attraction right to it’s centre, our boosted hookbaits offer a great alternative to the traditional high attract pop up, making them an ideal choice for fishing over large beds of boilies or even for fishing as high attract singles.




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