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Deeper Pro Accessories.

Flexible Arm Mount

Turn your smartphone or tablet into the high-capacity echo sounder system and take it anywhere you boat or kayak. Use a versatile Flexible Arm Mount to fasten Deeper device to your water craft. Explore the water and fish like a pro.

Ideal for all small water craft

Deeper smart sonars are versatile, high-capacity echo-sounders that work perfectly on board any small water craft: boats, kayaks, float tubes, etc. So use the versatile Deeper Flexible Arm Mount to fasten your Deeper device onto your boat or kayak, giving you smart sonar data and leaving plenty of room for fishing and paddling.

Ruggedized for intensive use

The Deeper Flexible Arm Mount can be adjusted to operate at a variety of angles. The universal ¼ 20” (quarter twenty) screw makes it compatible with track rail systems and mounting bases of boats and paddle sport equipment. It can also be clamped to both metal and plastic. The Flexible Arm Mount can be used in any conditions, in any water type and at a higher speed than that possible when using a simple fishing line. Produced using high strength materials, this product is built to last.

Smartphone Mount

Fitting any type of rod, the Deeper Smartphone Mount is a secure, easy-to-use silicone mount. It enables fishers to monitor the sonar data from their Deeper device while keeping both hands free for reeling in that catch. Main Features: Hands-free usage. Best option for: shore fishing, wading.

A solution for fastening your smartphone to your rod grip

The Deeper Smartphone Mount is a durable mounting solution designed specifically for fastening your smartphone to a rod grip. This enables you to analyse your sonar data holding your rod in one hand and reeling in your Deeper device with the other. Engineered for maximum holding power, the cover does not hide your cell phone screen behind silicone retainers.

Night Fishing Cover

A simple solution for smart fishing after dark

The Deeper Night Fishing Cover is engineered specifically to enable the use of your Deeper smart sonar at night. The Night Fishing Cover allows a bright flashing LED light to be seen through its translucent orange cover, so the device is clearly visible in the dark and from a distance. It is ideal for foggy or rainy conditions as well, when visibility is low. This small, light replacement cover is simple to apply.

A transparent cover replacement enabling Deeper sonars to light up whenever the night fishing mode is selected on the Deeper App. Main Features: visibility for night fishing. Best option for: night fishing, low visibility conditions

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