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Most fishing enthusiasts know the importance of swim feeding and ground baiting, indeed there have been many articles written by experts explaining the benefits of 'scent' in fishing.  The ‘scent’ is primarily Chum which is scent attractant, chopped up fish, worms, squid, or any other oils or food to attract fish.

The Coarse Chum Net

We wanted a product which was extremely light, held the scent attractor and appeared natural in water. We designed the coarse chum net to be exactly that. It can be attached to a hair rig or a hook hidden in it. The chum net is a light loosely woven net with longitudinal fibers which holds liquid scent attractant and when in water releases the scent as the slight flow of water replaces the scent attractor. The chum net can be used with boilies but it was designed as an alternative. The coarse chum net is ideal to be dipped in coarse chum and flicked on top of top feeding carp.  The coarse chum net sinks slowly releasing scent. This is a totally new method of using scent as it delivers a large scent boost to attract fish directly to your hook and not to the local area, whilst moving in the current and appearing totally natural in the water.  For short range casting minimum weight is required as the scent attractant is the weight.   

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Coarse Chum has been specifically designed to be used to catch Carp.  The liquid attractant has been developed over years to get the best attractant to catch Carp.  Coarse Chum is specifically for use with the Coarse Chum Net as the liquid is soaked up.  The method is to soak the Chum net in Coarse Chum either by squirting over or dipping into the attractant liquid.

The chum net is then able to be flicked out to slowly sink in the water releasing attractant when sinking.  If there are no carp in the area and the chum net sinks to the bottom it will slowly release coarse chum and attract carp.  Coarse Chum is avaliable in two flavours, Bacon and Bubble Gum flavour. The savoury and sweet varieties.  There are more flavours under investigation and if sucessfull will be released at a future date.Soon we will be stocking the Sea Net range.


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