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22nd December 2015 Tesco’s canal

22nd December 2015 Tesco’s canal

17 fished with a total weight of 16lbs 5ozs

1st Geoff Green 2lbs 3ozs

2nd Bill Woollcott 2lbs 1oz 8dms

3rd Dave Harley 1lb 12ozs

Jt 4th Brian Webber & Keith Leverett 1lb 9ozs 8dms

6th Les Drury 1lb 8ozs 8dms

7th Barry Lewis 1lb 8ozs

8th Alan Beard 15ozs

9th Jim Edwards 14ozs

10th Don Carter 11ozs

11th Dereck Frost 7ozs

12th Dave Auston 4ozs

There were 4 did not weighs.

Very strong winds made conditions difficult. But no rain.