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28th July 2015 Rook Hall Farm Pairs match

21 fished with a total weight of 55lbs 7ozs 8dms

Brian Webber had top weight of 10lbs 0ozs 8dms he also had no partner.

1st pair Jack Morley & Geoff Green   10lbs 13ozs

2nd pair Don Carter & Roger Butler 7lbs 13ozs

3rd pair Keith Leverett & Rob Rowbotham 7lbs 3ozs 8dms

4th Pair Dave Auston & John Christensen 6lbs 6ozs

5th Bert Turner & Richard Seabright 4lbs 9ozs

6th Dave Harley & Malcolm Willis 3lbs 11ozs

7th Pair Allan Beard & Bert Savage 3lbs 5ozs

8th Bob Pallett & David Earney 2lbs 14ozs

9th Mick Jervis & Jim Edwards 2lbs 11ozs

10th Vic Dadd &Dereck Frost 1lb 8ozs 8dms

Weights unfortunately were low because of the recent heavy rain that we have experienced. The water temperature had dropped most significantly.