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21st July 2015 Slough House Farm. Alf Burton Trophy

21 fished with a total weight of 190lbs 12oz

1st Steve Holden - 29lbs 7ozs

2nd Bert Turner - 17lbs 5ozs

3rd Geoff Green - 14lbs 4ozs

4th John Christensen - 12lbs

5th Brian Webber - 11lbs 5ozs

6th Allan Beard - 9lbs 11ozs 8dms

7th Bill Woolcott - 9lbs 2ozs 8dms

8th David Earney - 8lbs 4ozs

9th Ernie Vinton - 7lbs 12ozs

10th Mick Jervis - 7lbs 10ozs 8dms

11th Les Drury - 7lbs 10ozs

12th Keith Leverett - 7lbs 6ozs

13th Rob Rowbotham - 7lbs 3ozs 8dms

14th Roger Butler - 6lbs 8ozs 8dms

15th Dave Auston - 5lbs 4ozs 8dms

16th Jack Morley - 5lbs 1oz

17th Vic Dadd - 3lbs 14ozs

Jt 18th Richard Seabright & Roger Smith 3lbs 3ozs

20th Malcolm Willis - 2lbs 14ozs

21st Dereck Frost - 1lb 11ozs 8dms

Best fish Tench 3lbs 12ozs 8dms Brian Willis

Exceptional day no blanks, considering the strong winds.