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Weekly report week ending 1/3/15

Weekly report week ending 1/3/15

From the reports we had at the start of the week i thought it was going to be a busy week but it seems to have died off as the week has gone on which is probably down to the small tides. But here goes we start with Walton which has been producing codling and whiting next to Holland on sea with loads of codling at the start of the week and people blanking at the end of the week Clacton has also been similar.

Aldeburgh has seen a few codling with some dabs and whiting orford ness has seen anglers returning after Regardless River Trips West has been put back in the water after its yearly checks and it has been producing codling to 45cm.  Anglers have also been reporting that sprats are still there onto Canvey which has been producing whiting flounders and codling to 41cm.

Next to Kent we start with deal which has been getting some codling and pouting next to gravesend which has been producing flounders whiting and codling.

Kingsdown anglers have been reporting whiting of up to 40 cm next to sandwich with whiting and dabs finally for the shores is dungeoness which has been getting whiting doggies flounder skate and codling to 3 and a half pound.

Next onto the boats starting with skerry belle with some nice cod skate whiting pouting and doggies fire fly which was fishing the crouch had 63 codling 11 skate whiting and pouting. Evelyn Jane had codling to 53 cm whiting pouting and dabs.

Finally marlin which i was out on yesterday and i think i was the only charter out there we had 12 codling up to 3lbs whiting and pouting.