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Catching Sharks Sea Fishing off Penzance

Every year a group of four travel down to Penzance where we stay in a cottage and fish with Chippy.

The last two years we have been really lucky with the weather and the fishing last year we managed to get out all the 5 days we booked.


We had an incredible week with 59 blues being landed and released, the biggest last year was 107lb, which I was lucky enough to be on the end of.

This year we had booked six days staring on Sunday 13th July.

The blue in question was caught on a light 4 to 8 oz Abu up tide rod, which made for a great fight.

Again lucky with the weather, we got out every day 3 shark days and 3 species days, again matching our own set boat record of 21 blues caught and released in a day. 



Report by Simon Putnam