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8th April 2014 - Bog Grove

16 fished   total weight   107lbs 12ozs 8dms


1st   Brian Webber - 28lbs 8oz 0dms

2nd Les Drury - 19lbs 0ozs 8dms

3rd   Keith Leverett - 17lbs 11ozs 8dms

4th   Jack Morley - 11lbs 3ozs

5th   Steve Mason - 9lbs   1oz 8dms

6th   Richard Seabright - 4lbs   10ozs 8dms

7th   Bob Pallet - 3lbs 10ozs 8dms

8th   Vick Dadd - 2lbs 12oz

9th   Dave Harley - 1lb     7ozs

7 members did not weigh in.


The best fish prize Vic Dadd an eel of 2lbs 12ozs.

The front bank fished poorly with pegs 4 5 and 6 produced 1 chub 1 eel   and 28lbs 8ozs of carp

The end bank produced   3lbs 10ozs 8dms.. 17lbs 11oz 8dms   11lbs 3ozs and 19lbs 8dms

The back bank 9lbs 1oz 8dms   4lbs 10ozs 8dm .

1 peg produced 9lbs of roach very few silvers caught anywhere.. The rest were carp catches at 2 foot with pellets.