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12th July 2016 London Res and Slough West

15 fished with a total weight of 80lbs 1oz 8dms 


1st Les Drury & Don Carter                 39lbs 1oz - 59pts

2nd Roger Smith & Keith Leverett      10lbs 7oz - 56pts

3rd Alan Beard & Dave Auston            9lbs 13ozs - 55pts

4th Dereck Frost & David Earney        6lb 11ozs - 52pts

5th John Christensen & Allan Knight  6lb 10ozs - 51pts

6th Bert Savage & Geoff Green           5lbs 8ozs 8dms - 50pts

7th Richard Seabright & Jack Morley 4lb 1oz 8dms - 49pts

8th Brian Webber                                  5lb 120zs - 42pts


Total weight at Slough West - 57lbs 0ozs 8dms

Total weight at London Reservoir 23lbs 1oz