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Nash Zig Bugs Hatch 2


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Hatch Two Zig Bugs use the same life like patterns as the Natural Critters, but in a ready to fish format tied to the unstoppable Fang hooks.

Corixa (Water Boatman)

Easily recognised by any experienced angler the Water Boatman is a bug that lives on the bottom of our lakes and ponds, surfacing only to replenish oxygen supplies. They are an important part of the aquatic food chain and are certainly a part of the natural diet of carp.


One of the first insects to hatch in spring, and can feature in great abundance. A proven irresistible lure for carp through April and May, and a great choice when carp are seen to be preoccupied and difficult to tempt on more orthodox baits fished on the bottom.

Sedge (Caddis)

Sedge or Caddis flies A small moth like fly, abundant throughout our waterways, from the smallest streams to the biggest pits. Everyone knows of the Caddis grub; the caterpillar like larvae that forms its own portable shell made of vegetation and gravel. Testing has shown Sedges to work particularly well on moonlit nights, perhaps reflecting when adults lay their eggs. Make sure you have got Sedges on for a full moon when action on the bottom can be hard to find.

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