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Nash Magma Glugs

Magma Glugs’ offer the angler a totally new concept in bait glugs and the way single hook baits can be fished over loose feed or in total isolation on their own, offering a very natural and highly stimulatory form of attraction to the fish. Their application is endless and can be used successfully with virtually any bait you are likely to have at hand from maggots to boilies. The two part combination allows the additives to be used even with baits just reeled in and which are wet. The glug liquid has been designed specifically to adhere to moist baits, and in its own right is full of natural attraction. Because of the nature of the liquids a quick stir will ensure all the inherent attractors are fully dispersed throughout the pot. Of course there is no problem in leaving a few baits soaking in the liquid ready for future use, and this also works brilliantly with plastic baits. The liquids are pva friendly which means you can add various goodies into a solid bag and dose them up with the Magma liquid and powder, providing a nice food and attraction message around your hooker. Now the clever bit; once you have coated your hook bait in the liquid magma, (or even a few baits for pva bag or stringer work), you simply roll them around the second dedicated dry additive in the two part pot. These dry additives are really big turn ons and will disperse throughout the water column offering massive and instant attraction to any fish in the vicinity. The uses are endless, but the massive edge the ‘Magma Glugs’ provide is that the natural attractors are very water soluble and are at their most attractive in this form, more so than you would ever achieve in boilies or even paste baits, just wait for the eruption over them when you start using them!



This is the one to give your baits true kick, and there is little doubting that carp seem to have learnt about eating curry from the Colne Valley anglers as they certainly seem to go for Madras and not the milder Korma, so who are we to question their preferences, so here is a hot chilli glug with a kick, making it a real contender for single hook bait fishing, although it has also done particularly well over small beds of particles. Try soaking tiger nut hook baits in the neat glug for a few weeks prior to using in combination with the salt powder, it is different and they seem to like it particularly if you present a little package of nuts in a pva bag with the chillied nut and a small sprinkling of the salt powder to finish it off, the salt will create a localised attraction around the bag of nuts that carp find irresistible. The combination of liquid chilli and salt seems to be just astounding as an attractor package, and as we know the importance of small amounts of salt in a carp’s diet we can only assume this is one of the reasons why the package has proved so devastating. Try fishing this over silt patches; you will be pleasantly surprised with the results, particularly as the weather begins to warm up in spring, certainly worth having one rod with this little combo attached.



The world renowned squid liquid modified to hold onto wet hook baits just got better, and this is another that used simply on its own will provide a huge edge, either fished individually as a solitary hook bait, or a hook bait over freebies, carp literally home into this one! If you use paste add a little drop of the squid magma to it, create your hook bait and then roll in the neat betaine, a brilliant edge at any time of the season, but does come in handy for when you are looking to nick a bite! Certainly the squid is the one to use with small pellets or chain reactions, again either on its own or in combination with the powdered betaine. Betaine is one of the most stimulatory attractors we know of, it’s found in GLME, so we knew when combined with the squid we were onto a winner. The betaine we use is a combination to offer the best attractive properties. One of the best kept secrets is dusting your bait, be it a boilie, pop up or hookable pellet with betaine, and this method does kick off when the fish seem reluctant to feed. Simply glaze your hook bait, it doesn’t want to be too runny, just enough so the bait is coated for the betaine to adhere to it, then ensure you have a good coating of the betaine, re glaze and then add some more betaine prior to casting.



If you are a fan of plastic hook baits or tipping off your hookers with plastics then this little combo is the one for you. There can be no question that the sweetcorn magma glug is simply brilliant when used as a neat glug for plastic baits, and with the added adhesion in the magma liquid the effect lasts even longer than before, if you haven’t tried it then soak an alternative coloured fake piece of corn and fish it over natural yellow corn from a tin, a little bit different which often will buy an extra bite. This is a combination that also works really well in conjunction with liquidised bread as pva sticks set up, dot a few grains of corn through the stick mix, then fish the plastic bait glugged and coated in the lovely oily ground hemp particles. When this hits the lake bed the hemp particulates pull off the sweetcorn magma and gyrate through the water column, a very visual attractive method. The sweetcorn and hemp work well as a combination, and also provide a different texture to your hook baits. If you want to slow down the rate of breakdown with your Soluballs then coat and dust with the sweetcorn ‘n’ hemp, this will give you varying rates of breakdown of the Soluballs in the swim, and thus hold the fish longer, as well as adding extra attraction to your loose feed. Also try using the combination when floater fishing, the hemp particles dropping off the hook bait attracts the fish from below the bait!

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