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Kodex Pre-Tied The Multi Rig

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Kodex Pre-Tied The Multi Rig   3 & 5      5 & 7

Truly unique in its design, the Multi-Rig offers versatility like no other. It has an anti-glare size 8 swivel that fits all popular lead-clips, which can be quickly interchanged to a size 11 Flexi/Heli swivel (included in the packet) for helicopter style setups. Additionally, you get two hook sizes with every rig! They can be easily interchanged due to the unique nature of the Multi-Rig; choose from a packet with sizes 3 & 5, or 5 & 7. This also means that if you buy the hooks separately too, then should your hook point happen to blunt for any reason you can quickly put on a new hook without reconstructing a whole new rig - if the Micro-Strip material is still in good condition then just replace the hook in seconds! The hooks are the super strong GenomicMGP Chod pattern, with micro-ground sharp points for fast piercing and a matt anti-glare finish for rig concealment from wary carp, built from 130-grade hi-carbon Japanese steel. They're tied to the latest Micro-Strip 15lb coated hooklink material, which automatically sinks and pins down the rig, leaving you only needing to apply a small amount of Graviton putty on the knot near the hook. The hinged section can then move with very little resistance. You ideally want just enough putty to critically balance the rig, as this can be a real advantage on waters that see a lot of pop-ups. Team Kodex consultants are behind this incredible development - buy the Multi-Rig and see for yourself how much versatility it provides. It is the ultimate advanced pop-up rig and a very clever variant on the Chod rig principle, allowing for a super short popped-up length of around 25mm (1") dependent upon which hook size you use. Also included with each rig is bait floss and a micro rig swivel.

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