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Guru 15in Speed Stop Rigs QM1


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Guru 15in Speed Stop Rigs QM1

There’s a host of innovative brand-new Guru products hitting the shops this week, just in time for your spring bagging sessions. Here's the run-down of what to look out for on your next trip to the tackle shop.

QM1 Ready Tied Rigs
The renowned QM1 hooks have long been favourites of match and pleasure anglers looking for unbeatable hook holds whilst using hair rigs and tactics such as method and pellet feeders.

Their unique shape make it very difficult for a carp to eject the bait without becoming hooked and the heavily beaked point also ensures exceptionally few hook pulls during the fight.

Available on EVA spools in 15-inch formats for feeder and comb rigs, or four-inch versions for method and pellet feeder set-ups, you can also choose from bayonet, bait band and speed stop bait attachment options for maximum versatility.

Hook size options range from 10 to 16 and line strengths are matched carefully to the hook size, from 0.25mm for the largest hook size to 0.17mm for the size 16 versions. All the rigs are perfectly tied on Guru’s renowned N-Gauge mono.

Guru’s Adam Rooney explained: “With the success of the Guru Ready Tied Rigs, we get inundated with calls and messages asking if we will ever do our famous QM1 hook ready-tied. So here they are, tied to the same high standard as our existing range. These QM1 ready rigs are something special - I am confident to say I would be happy to use them myself in all match conditions.“

“For extra protection and easy storage the new 15” rigs come on the EVA spools, which have been colour coded and printed so you can simply store them directly in your Guru Rig Box for maximum protection. The QM1 design and packaging take ready rigs to a whole new level…”

Speed Stop 15" Size 10 QM1 x 8 (0.25mm)
Speed Stop 15" Size 12 QM1 x 8 (0.22mm)
Speed Stop 15" Size 14 QM1 x 8 (0.19mm)
Speed Stop 15" Size 16 QM1 x 8 (0.17mm)

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