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DT Baits Fish Blood And Fresh Orange


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DT Baits Fish Blood And Fresh Orange Baits

BOILIES     15m  And 18m

High fishmeal, bloodmeal and Green Lipped Mussel laced with zesty natural orange. Crunchy kelp and high iron induces compulsive feeding, particularly amongst the bigger fish

Pop-Ups  15m

It’s no secret that our ‘cult classic’ pop ups have accounted for plenty of large carp and really come into their own on pressured waters where the fish have learned to feed cautiously around large beds of matching boilies. On these more tricky waters, varying your hook bait can often result in unexpected bonus takes by catching wary carp off guard. Produced in 4 classic flavours and produced to historical DT recipes, our cult classic pop ups can be fished over any bait, but will also catch carp when fished on their own as high attract singles.

All of our pop ups are based on our unique natural pop up mix which eliminates the requirement for glass microspheres, whilst offering improved buoyancy, making them some of the best pop ups for the Ronnie rig, stiff hinge rig and chod rig. Finished to a regular, fine spongy texture all of our pop ups are highly resilient to diving birds and nuisance fish.


Wafters 15m

DT Baits wafters are made using a combination of the matching boilie base mix and our microsphere-free, natural pop up mix. We then add the exact same flavours and attractors found within the relevant partner boilies to ensure the carp find them highly attractive. Available in a range of subtle washed out colours that reflect the matching bottom baits after they have been immersed in water, all of our wafters are available in a single size and can be sunk by a size 6 hook

Pellets 6 m

DT Baits Carp Fishing Pellets are available in a variety of flavours to match our boilies and are both extremely soluble and highly attractive. Perfect for use in PVA bag and stick mixes, spod and method mixes, or even for baiting intimate marginal spots with a catapult, once introduced to the water, they slowly sink to the lakebed and begin to release attraction from the moment they begin to break down.

Arguably some of the best quality carp pellets available today, the highly soluble nature of our pellets make them a go-to choice for drawing carp into the area without the risk of overfeeding them. Excellent for use on more commercial fisheries or trickier venues where the carp have learned to feed cautiously over large beds of boilies, DT Baits Carp Pellets are a great choice for triggering a voracious feeding response.

Boilie Dip

DT Baits Boilie Dips offer the perfect way to increase the attraction found within our boilies, pop ups and wafters and have been developed as a dedicated hookbait soak or glug. Each boilie Dip within our range is based upon a formulation of naturally sweet glycerine with the optimum inclusion of the relevant flavours and attractors found within each of the matching baits.

Being glycerine based, each of our boilie dips offer the benefits of increased viscosity whilst remaining water soluble. This mean that they naturally adhere to the chosen hookbait until after it has settled on the lakebed, increasing the food signals in the baited area and triggering even the wariest carp to feed.

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